Free bottle labels to print

Create and customize your free blank bottle labels to print and to download.

Do you need labels for bottles of water, oil, syrup or other liquids ? offers a free application to create your bottle labels. In this application, you have a blank template of bottle label and many options to customize to your liking the appearance of your labels. Indeed, you can :

  • choose the label size: small or big bottle,
  • select the type and color of background: old paper, hearts, flowers, tile or a solid color,
  • add an image of fruit or plant if it is for syrup or oil: pomegranate, mint, strawberry, sunflower, etc
  • choose the shape and color of the frame: rectangle with rounded corners, retro, or convex,
  • write your own text and set the font, size, color of your text, make it bold,
  • and to save time, choose the number of labels to print per page.
Bottle labels to customize and print
Bottle labels to customize and print

Once you have finished editing the label, click the "Download" final button for downloading your labels in image format. It only remains to print your document, cut out the labels and stick them on your bottles.

Here is the blank bottle label template to customize

Images :
Text font :
  • Arial
  • Times
  • Aller
  • Condensed
  • Lato
  • Verdana
  • Traditionnel
  • Comic
  • Nature
  • Western
  • Marqueur
  • Indien
Text size :       In bold : yes

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