Multiplication tables to print and games online

Free multiplication tables available in PDF format to learn or complete with fill in the blanks exercices. Multiplication educational game.

Multiplication is one of the arithmetic operations children must learn at school. The classic method is to learn them by heart. Like addition, subtraction, and division, children must learn the 10 first tables : from 1 to 10. There is also a square shape of table grouping 10 tables, called pythagorean table.

In the classroom, the teacher teachs the pupils tables progressivly : first table of 1, then table of 2 and so on until the table 10. The learning process is usually first oral and then written. Also, to verify and validate the knowledge of the pupils, the teacher must make them pass an exam. Often, they contain fill in the blank exercices arranged in order or in disorder which pupils must complete in a limited time frame. At completion, the teacher corrects the answers and assign a vote.

Multiplication game online
Multiplication game online
Color multiplication table to print
Color multiplication table to print
Multiplication table in disorder to complete
Multiplication table in disorder to complete
Pythagorean multiplication table
Pythagorean multiplication table

To further advance the student, the teacher gives homework. It encourages students to revise the lessons and practice the tables, so no miscaculation are made. The more you train, the better you will get at calculating mentally. He will not need a calculator to do simple multiplications.

Wouldn't you prefer to have online multiplication games to make your learning experience easier ? offers users free and highly interactive educational game the multiplication. You can choose the operation (multiplication, addition, division and subtraction) and tables (1 to 10). You have a quiz where the multiplication operations are posed as questions, a timed racing car game to test your speed to find the results, even two other games like fish and marmots games to assess your speed in mental calculation. Learning your multiplication through games becomes a breeze !

To help children revise the tables, we make available on this page :

  • a multiplication table you can also convert in addition table. When you hover over the table, it shows visually the result and the relevant operands, and the mathematical expression corresponding to the operation is displayed just below. This table can be used in "game mode" : the results are hidden, and from 2 numbers of a multiplication or addition, you must find the results on the operation;
  • and below the Pythagorean table, a table generator allows you to generate and customize the full multiplication tables or a fill in the blanks free PDF to print. In this application, you can also create tables of addition, subtraction and division, select an illustration image to A4 and use other colors for tables. If you want to save ink, just select the white background color to display the black and white tables. Be smart: you can even select the grid pythagore form, create holes in exercises by putting numbers in disorder and without displaying the results on the grid.

This game of multiplication works with all browsers, but if you use Internet Explorer, you must use version 10 or higher :

x : 0, y : 0, r : 0, g : 0, b : 0, a : 0

Play Pythagorean table
Find results
Find numbers of a result
Score : 0 right answers
Mouse over the table to see the result multiplication of the two numbers.
3 x 3 = 9
Create and customize the table to print

Here is the fill in the blanks exercise game of multiplication, addition, division and subtraction :

Fill in the blanks exercice
Complete the operation

Customize the colors and models of your tables (standard or Pythagorean) and print them :

Multiplication   Addition   Division   Subtraction  
Normal (to learn)  
In order and without results (exercise)  
In disorder and without results (exercise)  
In disorder with fill in the blanks (exercise)  


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